Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Virtual Chem Lab files

The project is set at :S:/PROJECTS//Virtual Chem Lab/Drafts/Art, you should be able to find the files needed in this project. The physics and physical science lab files are referencing the following files:
Ceiling - /NewWideView//scenes/OtherAssets/Ceiling_for_Wideview_00.mb
Gases - /NewWideView//scenes/Gasses/Gasses.mb
Titrations - /NewWideView//scenes/Titrations/titrate_for_comp_4c.mb
Inorganics - /NewWideView//scenes/Inogranic/Inorganic_no_bottles.mb
Quantum - /NewWideView//scenes/Quantum/Quantum.mb
Mechanics - /Mechanics/MayaAnimation/scenes/MechanicsRef.mb
Density Buoyancy - /Density_Buoyancy/Maya/Scenes (reference only!)/In Progress/density_lab_hazel.mb
Optics - /Production/3D_Maya/Optics/optics_reference1.mb
Calorimetry - /NewWideView//scenes/Calorimetry/Calorimetry.mb
Circuits - /Production/3D_Maya/Circuits/Maya/Scenes (reference only!)/In Progress/Current/Circuitry_Lab_hazel.mb

Density, Optics, Calorimetry and Circuits are independent files which all the assets and props are imported in the files while the rest is referencing some other files in the same project. The cameras on the ceiling, the white board and the lights are either imported or created in the scenes themselves.

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