Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dan's molecule Jiggler Rig documentation

Here is the path the documentation that Dan wrote showing how to create a Jiggling rig for the molecules that we are using in the Virtual Biology Animations.

S:\PROJECTS\Virtual Biology\Drafts\Art\Production\Documentation\VirtualBiology_WiggleDocumentation.docx

Thanks Dan!

Lighting Documentation for Virtual Biology Microscopy, Wide View, and Molecular Labs

Here is the path to the file where Alan Bradshaw explains the lighting and render layers use in the Microscopy, Wide View, and Molecular Labs that he did for the Virtual Biology Project.

S:\PROJECTS\Virtual Biology\Drafts\Art\Production\Documentation\VIRTUAL_BIOLOGY_DOCUMENTATION.doc

There is a lot of good stuff about how and why to set render layers and lighting. Thanks Al!

Jenny's LOD and Shrink Wrap Modeling for Virtual Biology

Here is the path to the tutorials that Jenny made for the Virtual Biology animations. Level of Detail Shader and the Shrink Wrap method for creating the molecular models.

S:\PROJECTS\Virtual Biology\Drafts\Art\Production\Virtual_Animations\VA_Production\Tasks\Tutorials\

This documentation is almost as awesome as Jenny is. We all miss her. :)